Tax Lien Data

Tax lien data for telemarketing and direct mail campaigns is very important to driving a highly qualified phone call. Sorting is done based on lien size, lien type, lien filed date, city, state, county, zip code and may be specified for phones and mail or a combination of both. Firms that really want to target can filter based on higher income areas of the country to make sure that the prospects they touch have a greater probability of representing someone that could contribute financially to an ongoing and lengthy program and negotiation with the tax authorities. Without tax lien data there would be no direct mail for the tax settlement industry. There is no way to cheaply model this data to save money but tax lien data is reasonably inexpensive and is effective in both direct mail and telemarketing campaigns. Tax lien data comes scrubbed against the National Do Not Call List (DNC) when used for telemarketing and for direct mail can be scrubbed against the National Change of Address Database (NCOA).

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